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Undergraduate courses:

HIST2192 – Introduction to Modern Southeast Asian History:

HIST2192 will focus on both mainland and maritime Southeast Asia. Examining countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, amongst others, and their historical forebears. The course will also look at the region’s transnational and global connections, stepping beyond conventional national boundaries in the process. By introducing students to modern Southeast Asian history, this course will cover the rise and fall of indigenous polities and foreign empires, as well as the circulations of peoples, things, and ideas across and beyond the region. The lectures will also explore the ever-changing dynamics of Southeast Asia’s geographies, economies, societies, identities, and environments.


Through taking this course, students will be introduced to key areas of Southeast Asia’s history that are seldom studied, yet of continuing significance to our world today. Alongside exploring Southeast Asia and its global relationships, students will be introduced to key themes in historiography, and will be encouraged to grapple with the use of primary source materials and secondary literature relating to the region. 

HIST2187 – Critical Approaches to the End of Empire in Southeast Asia:


HIST2187 will challenge students to grapple with different ways of examining decolonisation and the rise of post-colonial statehood in Southeast Asia. The seminars and tutorials will encourage the study of imperial decline and post-colonial transition through a number of different approaches: examining different national-colonial contexts; casting light on minorities, women and other underrepresented groups; and looking at key themes such as the environment, migration, trade, resources and geographic space.

Course syllabi:

I have devised bespoke course syllabi for both introductory and advanced level undergraduate teaching. These courses are linked to my research interests into Southeast Asia and colonialism, whilst also drawing upon wider themes in Asian, imperial and global history.

I am also able to teach courses on subjects including (but not limited to) the British Empire, imperialism in Asia, the Cold War, modern European history, maritime history, history of technology, and transnational, world and global histories.

Please feel free to reach out to me for enquiries or further details.

Teaching experience:

  • Lecturer (part time): HIST2192 'Introduction to Modern Southeast Asian History.' (2021-22).

  • Lecturer (part time): HIST2187 'Critical Approaches to the End of Empire in Southeast Asia.' (2020-21).

  • Teaching Assistant (postdoctoral): CCHU9043 ‘Rethinking Women: The Big Debates.’  (2019-20).

  • Teaching Assistant (doctoral): HIST2076 ‘Germany and the Cold War.’  (2017–18).

  • Teaching Assistant (doctoral): HIST2125 ‘Hitler’s Germany.’  (2016–17).

  • Teaching Assistant (doctoral): HIST1019 ‘Powering modern society: Energy, environment and politics.’ (2015–16).

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